MC Childhood Friend: Episode 27

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Episode 27 – MIHARU’s Life ⑤

Even after I had her reborn, there was no end to the men who aimed for her and confessed.

“Master, this was in my shoe locker again.”

Plainly expressing her anger, MIHARU showed me the letter that she received.

As for why she was expressly showing this to me, that’s because MIHARU had caused some trouble before.

It seems that, upon seeing the man at the meeting place, she tore up the letter right in front of his eyes. Then, after saying “Don’t do this anymore” to the guy who was stunned, she left on the spot.

Hearing this from MIHARU, I placed a suggestion on the man so that he would forget what happened.

If I was asked as to why I did such a thing–

“I am Master’s bitch-slave and, as such, am his property. I have no excuse for receiving a confession to by a man other than Master.”

–she said something similar to the feelings that I used to hold for her.

So that this sort of thing wouldn’t happen against, I made it so she would report to me whenever this happened.

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