MC Childhood Friend: Episode 83

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Episode 83 – Reversal Festival

Unpopular gentlemen!

There is good news for you.

Tonight, you shall be granted a chance.

What is prepared for you is the best woman who has rejected numerous, popular men.

“And so, because she is my sex slave, you can do whatever you want to her.”

In response to my words, the unpopulars’ eyes sparkled.

“Master, these people are?”

MIHARU appears to be frightened.

“You belong to me, right? Then I can use you however I want, right?”

“Yes, that is so.”

“That’s why, you will be gang raped by these guys. Got it?”

“No, MIHARU’s pussy is for Master’s exclusive use. I don’t want anything else inside of it.”

“Don’t talk back. You people, go.”

Listening to my directions, the unpopular swarmed MIHARU.

“Stop, I don’t want anyone but Master touching me!”

Ah, let me explain here, but this group of unpopulars were just an illusion.

I hate the popular guys who aim for MIHARU, but at the same time, I also hate the unpopular who takes pleasure in using MIHARU as material while saying vulgar things.

“Stop sucking my boobs!”

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