MC Childhood Friend: Episode 134

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Episode 134 – Yuri Play ④

Author Note:
This time is also short.

“Look, MIHARU. I’ve grown a dick.”


What I came up with was having MIHARU see the penis band as a cock.

Of course, she understands that it’s not a real one.

“A lot of people say that I’m like a guy, right? I wonder if that’s why it grew?”

MIHARU seems to be pulling back slightly.

Even so, I continued.

“No, that’s wrong. This dick is a gift. A gift I received from god so that I could make love to my lover, MIHARU.”

It’s actually a devil, though.

Not that it matters.

“Master, let’s begin.”

The slave urged me.

I guess I’ll stop playing around and quickly do it, huh.

“Well then, I’m going to insert my second cock.”

“Yes, please come.”

Although it’s just a detail, this is a penis band, after all.

It might hurt MIHARU’s vagina.

Unlike the Section Chief that didn’t matter, slaves are important.

If it hurts, then let’s stop.

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