MC Childhood Friend: Episode 155

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Episode 155 – Reunion ⑥

Author Note:
I’m going out today, so I can’t do any more than this.

“Master, am I not heavy?”

MIHARU, who was riding on my face, asked.

Unlike SAORI, it seems that she was worried about her own, plump body.

“Yeah, you’re not heavy. Take this!”

Saying this, I stimulated MIHARU’s clit.

“Hyah, don’t lick it so suddenly!”

Her reaction is really cute, huh.

“Master, I feel bad about interrupting you while you’re having fun, but is it fine for me to put it in already?”

SAORI also asked me.

She wants to put my cock inside her pussy so badly that she can’t help it, huh.

“Yeah, it’s fine. Put it in any time.”

“Then, excuse me.”

Like this, SAORI dropped her waist.

“Aah, it’s so hard and thick! I survived in order to have put this inside of my vagina!”

So she was trying not to be erased by the main personality because she was thinking of my cock, huh?

I feel like it’s a story I should be both thankful for and amazed by.

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