MC Childhood Friend: Episode 175

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Episode 175 – Reunion ⑳

“Store? What do you mean?”

I couldn’t understand what the Devil was saying.

“I’ll add a feature to the Lighter I gave you. Originally, it’s used as a back up when a slave breaks, but in this case it is possible to use it in a different way.”

“Please tell me the details.”

I’m reluctant, but I appealed to the Devil.

“All you have to do is record the data that composes your 2nd slave into the Lighter, and separate it from the main body. If you do that, then the 2nd slave will continue to remain without being erased.”

“I see. So transfer the parasite personality SAORI to the lighter, huh?”

“Yup. That’s right. Like that, if you cast the personality to the main body at a convenient time for you, then you’ll be able to play together again, see.”

However, that ultimately doesn’t change the fact that SAORI will be sealed, huh.

As if reading these feelings of me, who had just thought this, the Devil said this.

“The ability (power) that I granted you will make you happy, but that won’t be the case for the surroundings. You’ve already distorted the life of your 1st slave and all.”

That’s right.

“You should just do what you want. I’ll be watching you all at any time, see.”

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