Eroge Reincarnation – Chapter 20

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Event 10: Alice and the Government Officials ※Multiple・Restraints・Writing Brush・Toys・Anal

When I looked around at the surroundings, it was a room that I was familiar with seeing.

In front of my eyes was Kyle and three men that I didn’t know. The 3 men were wearing black civil official clothing with the country’s coat of arms embroidered onto the shoulders, so they were definitely government officials.

For some reason I was at Shishou’s house, and my body was tied down in that chair that seemed like one you’d find in an obstetrics and gynecology ward. Of course, I was in a state with my legs spread apart.

Two of the men raised various questions towards Kyle, and the remaining man was writing down the contents of the conversation.

[She is the donor that provided the ingredients for this medicine?]

[Yes, that’s right.]

[When you are harvesting, do you always use this chair?]

[I do not always use it, but I did during this time’s collection.]

[Other than restraining her with this chair, what did you do?]
[I tied her arms, and put on a blindfold.]

[What is the purpose of the blindfold?]

[If she can see, it seems that she’ll get nervous and won’t get wet.]

[I see. Well, this time we’re just confirming the harvesting method, so the blindfold will not be necessary.]

[Now then, Alice-san. From here on out, we will be confirming the harvesting method, so please answer our questions truthfully. We are done with you, Kyle-san. We may visit again on a later date, but please return home for today.]


I couldn’t follow along with this development that suddenly began.

Confirming the harvesting method?

To begin with, why am I sitting in this restraint chair again?

My neck didn’t have a magic-sealing collar, and my arms weren’t tied down. Even though it was a state where I could resist if I just thought about it.

Not caring about me as I fell into confusion, two of the men stood in front of me, and were putting on translucent rubber gloves like the ones you’d wear for surgery.

Kyle quickly lowered his head and exited the room.

[First we will be removing your underwear, okay?]

Even though I thought that I had to resist against this situation that was suddenly beginning, for some reason my body could not move freely.

The black-haired man rolled up the hem of my one piece and stripped off my underwear, and on top of that, the red haired man was removing the buttons of my one piece. Being in a state with my legs fixed in a position where they were spread apart, I was unable to hide my embarrassing place, and the black-haired man observed it from a very close distance. But he did not touch it at all.

[Starting first from the chest……here we go.]

As the black-haired man was staring fixedly at my chasm, the red-haired man opened up the front of my one piece, and caught my overflowing chest with both hands as if he were scooping them up.

[These are quite big, aren’t they~]

Boing boing, he rocked my chest. Not only that, but he did so several times. He lifted them up, and then swung them from left to right.

[We’re in the middle of work. Measure the size and then hurry up and take off her clothes.]

[Roger that.]

Having had his attitude corrected by the black-haired man’s remonstration, the red-haired man released my chest in a reluctant manner. Then, he skillfully stripped the top half of my one piece, and raised up both my arms.

[The preparations are complete.]

[Well then, please excuse me.]

Without letting me get a single word in, the black-haired man instantly surrounded me with his arms as if he were embracing me, winding a measuring tape around my chest.

[110……no, it was 111, is it?]


Just when I thought he had finished measuring and was about to withdraw the measuring tape, he seemed to think of something as he started to tighten the measuring tape, allowing it to press into my chest.


[My apologies, my hand slipped.]

He did not show a hint of timidness as he pulled the measuring tape even more, rubbing it against the tips of my chest.


[Excuse me.]

Though I twitched in response, the black-haired man’s face stayed as diligent as always, as he continued to interact in a polite manner.

I didn’t understand what he was thinking at all.

[Then, let us begin in order, starting from the breasts.]

The red-headed man that was underneath my arms, this time started to lift my breasts from behind.

[They’re big and have a good springiness to them, so they feel very nice to massage.]

[First we caress the entire breast by hand, and then afterwards we stimulate the nipples, right?]

“Ah…ahhh……no……, it hurts-”

From the front, the black-haired man used his unlubricated rubber gloves to pinch the tips of my breasts with his fingers, stimulating them stiffly, and the strong friction caused pain to run through them. I twisted my body as if I were trying to run from it, but as always, I could not freely move my body, and I desperately pleaded for the black-haired man to stop.

[My apologies, please endure it for a bit longer.]

However, as usual he replied with a serious face without stopping the movement of his fingers, and on the contrary, he began to rub the tips even harder than before.

“No, it…really is……”

[Her nipples have become bright red.]

Though I was finally released, the place where I was rubbed stung with pain.

After the red-haired man removed his hand from my chest, he once again came in front of me.

[Next is the mouth.]

As the black-haired man said that, the two of them placed the tips of my left and right breasts into their mouths at the same time.

“Eek, noo……stop, it stings……!”

Saliva soaked the places where I had just been rubbed strongly, and I desperately twisted my body in attempt to escape that itchy pain. However, the two of them started to use their tongues to stimulate the wound on top of that, and toyed with me as I tried to escape, causing a wet sound to reverberate as they sucked on my chest.

[Are you really feeling just pain?]


The black-haired man painted my chest with plenty of saliva, and then bit down so hard it felt like blood would come out. After that, he licked it and bit it countless times, and the red-haired man matched his actions as he also bit down.

As they repeated that over and over again, a certain sensation started to bud within me. Every time they granted me pain, my lower abdomen clenched, producing a sweet ache.

[How about it? Is it just pain?]


[……you seem to be feeling good.]

[Let’s see, let’s see. Yup, she’s a little wet.]

When the red-haired man’s finger gently touched my chasm, a quiet splishing sound resounded.

The two of them exchanged glances and then softly released my chest from their mouths. The tips of my chest, wet with saliva, felt cold upon exposure to the open air.

[Next is the thunder gem, right?]

[Though it seems like it’d be good to use on the clitoris, it wasn’t used there.]

[Apparently the stimulus is so strong it leads to incontinence.]

[I see. Indeed, if she were to wet herself, then the harvest would be a failure after all.]

The red-haired man held a thunder gem in each hand and stood before me.

[Start with the lowest setting.]


“Wait……please sto-……ahhh!”

The tips of my breasts that had become sensitive were clipped onto with a click, and electricity was sent running through them. The intermittently continuing tingling stimulus made my body stiffen, and I knew that my hidden place was convulsing.

[You’re leaking love juice while twitching. Alice-san, are you feeling it?]


[That’s right. You need to answer honestly here, or else we’ll have to do this again in front of all the people of the government office. I would recommend being honest.]

“No way……-!?”

There’s no way I could possibly perform such acts in front of other people. I tightly gripped my fists.

[Alice-san, does it feel good?]

“……it’s…good……it feels…good……”

[Thank you very much. Here too……see, you’re feeling so good that your love juice is overflowing.]

The black-haired man wiped the love juice that had dripped all the way to my butt with his fingers, and then showed me those wet fingers. The thick transparent liquid stretched, forming a string between his fingers…….seeing such a spectacle, I hung my head in embarrassment.

[It seems that it is feeling better for Alice-san, so let’s make it stronger.]

[Understood. Alice-san, don’t endure and please feel free to let your voice out.]


At that moment, an overwhelming amount of pleasure and pain ran through my entire body. Even if I tried to twist my body and run away, I had no way to remove the thunder gems that had been clipped to my breasts.

I could tell that the degree of pleasure that was accompanying the pain was causing my secret place to flood with love juices as they gushed out. The numbing sensation from the tips of my breasts was transmitted directly to the area between my legs.

[You’re overflowing like a water fountain. This probably made it quite easy to harvest.]

“Stop, …….this, ah, ah……, I’m already……-”

[Ah, please tell us when you cum. It is an important matter that must be recorded.]

“No way……, no-……ahhh”

The chair rattled as it shook. My restrained body that could not do anything about the excessive pleasure went into violent convulsions.

[When you cum, properly say ‘I’m cumming’, okay?]

“Hih, already……., cumming, I’m cumming……, iyaaaaa!”

The moment the black-haired man’s breath gently teased my secret place, I was no longer able to withstand the stimuli and climaxed.

My back arched backwards as I convulsed, and the spurting love juices soaked the man’s face.

[Amazing, she came with just her breasts!]

[You managed to properly report your climax, huh.]

The intense stimulus from the thunder gem weakened, lightly agitating my body that had become sensitive from climaxing.

The two men gently pet my head like a child as I trembled from the lingering pleasure, and then the black-haired man’s eyes curved into a tender smile as he said that with his face still dripping with love juice.

[Shall we move onto the next step?]

My body trembled slightly at those words.

Even though I thought that I couldn’t take any more, my weak heart was undoubtedly throbbing with anticipation.

[We will stimulate the anus with this glass rod.]

And then, the black-haired man brought a thin and transparent rod in front of my eyes. It was about as thick as a woman’s finger, with the tip of the rod processed to be rounded.

[Will we need to prepare her ass first to get her accustomed to it?]

[According to what Kyle-san said, he didn’t particularly need to do any special preparations. It’s thin after all, and since the love juices drip all the way to the back, there shouldn’t be a problem with lubrication…….now then, Alice-san, I will be inserting it, so please say if it hurts.]

The black-haired man stooped down between my legs, placed his hand on my butt, and slowly brought the glass rod closer. A cold object hit my back hole, and after gently stroking it a number of times in a circular manner as if to test things out, it entered inside me bit by bit.

“Hya……, auu……”

[Since the rod is transparent, I can see the color of your insides very well, and it is very beautiful. Not only that, but your insides are tightening properly, twitching and contracting around the rod.]

Since it was thin, there wasn’t much of a sense of oppression from the insertion. However, he turned it round and round, churning up my insides as if he were trying to widen the entrance. On top of that, he stared at it from point-blank range, gazing at it from only ten or so centimeters away. Furthermore, he verbally reported each and every one of my body’s changes, causing my body to go hot from the embarrassment and pleasure. Even more love juices overflowed, making my behind even better lubricated. Like that, as he poked a deep point numerous times, I was no longer able to restrain my voice as it began to leak out.

[Does it feel good to have your anus stirred up with the rod?]

“Hyaa, it does……, ah, it feels……good……”

[Even though you were a virgin, you could feel it with your ass, huh. Surely, harvesting from you when you were a virgin was quite efficient.]

As he continued to stab at my inner walls repeatedly with the rod, the black-haired man remained calm, as though he were performing an experiment. Like that, he continued moving his hands while nodding towards the record-keeping man in the back, who then took out another paper and started to write down something.

The red-haired man who saw that brought a black-handled writing brush in front of me.

[It seems that you’re feeling good with your ass, so we will move on to the next part…….Next I will be stroking that hard clitoris that’s gotten so much bigger with this brush~. When you cum, please remember to report it like earlier.]

“……ah, wait……aaaAAAhhh!”

The brush gently caressed the area around my throbbing flower bud. At that moment, my body jumped, and the rod that was still in my behind was buried even further inside it. The instant the excessive pleasure seemed like it was about to ascend, the feeling of the brush disappeared.

[That’s no good. It’s still too early. Also, didn’t I tell you to report when you were going to cum?]


The light-hearted red-haired man scolded me in a low voice, and tears instinctively started to overflow.

[Is it really that good on your clitoris?]

“Fu……yes……., nn……”

[Do you also touch it when you masturbate?]

“……, tha-…t’s-”

[Because you’re always masturbating with your clitoris, it’s gotten this big and sensitive, right?]

[Alice-san……even if you don’t say it out loud, your body is answering for you, you know? You masturbate with your clitoris, right? ……look, your lower mouth is flapping open and closed, and is properly answering for you.]

[Ahh, but this is a job after all, so please answer properly with your upper mouth.]

The tip of the brush barely touched my flower bud, tracing the border of that place at its very edge. The rod inserted into my behind also began to go in and out at a slower pace. Having been left in suspension when I was just on the verge of climaxing, I rattled the chair as I shook, seeking out a greater stimuli.

[Once you properly answer the question, we will end it for you.]

The red-haired man’s sweet words shattered my sense of reason.

[Alice-san always plays with her clit while masturbating, right?]

“……ah,……ye-…yes, I…do……”

[Please put it into words properly.]

“I……I……, ha, cli-……”

[Come on, keep at it.]

“Use my……clit, oh……while…mastur……bating……!”

[You did well.]

My entire body was dyed red with embarrassment as it was given a stronger stimulus.

Before I knew it, the man doing the record keeping had come around behind me, and massaged the entirety of my breasts while increasing the intensity of the thunder gems. On top of that, the glass rod that had been in my rear end was thrown away, as the black-haired man instead used two of his fingers to repeated thrust in and out of my anus.

“Hih! ……no, I’m…becoming……weird……”

[Yeah, that’s right. We’ve said it several times, but please say when you cum.]

As he said that, the red-haired man opened my chasm with both hands and brought his face closer to it.

[For working so hard up until now, I will do some cunnilingus for your clitoris as a reward.]

The red-haired man’s lips wrapped around my flower bud, and then his warm, slimy tongue peeled back the foreskin while sucking strongly on it. As his sucked it, a strong current that was almost painful ran through the tips of my breasts, and my rear hole had three fingers that repeatedly thrust into it in a violent manner.

“Ahhhh! No…..I’m already, cumming…I’m cumming……ah, aaAAAhhh!!”

Both of my hands wrapped around the red-haired man’s head as I pressed him onto my secret place on my own, and my body seemed to burst with pleasure.

My body trembled as the lingering memory of the pleasure sent a sweet numbness throughout it.

The thunder gems were removed from my breasts, and the record keeper once again returned to his seat. The black-haired man slowly withdrew his fingers from my anus that was twitching with contractions, and the sensation of him pulling out caused me to tremble once more.

And then, the red-haired man stood up and looked at me. He wiped his mouth that had become dirtied with my love juices using his sleeve, saying, “That was amazing, wasn’t it?” while chuckling.

[Nevertheless, you were more sensitive than expected from what we were told. Could it be……that you’re not a virgin anymore?]

The black-haired man looked at me while throwing away his dirtied rubber gloves.

My consciousness was still fuzzy, so I didn’t immediately understand the meaning of those words.

Seeing that I was unable to answer, he said, “I will confirm it”, and crouched between my legs, using his fingers to open up my chasm.


That place that was still overflowing with love juices twitched in reaction to that slight stimuli. The man’s fingers mixed up the love juices thoroughly as they slowly went into my honeypot.

[As expected, they are going in quite smoothly.]

When he added in a second finger, it entered me easily without any resistance at all. Then, using his fingers he spread open the entrance. The black-haired man gazed fixedly at that place. He changed the angle a number of times, moving his fingers a similar manner to before, and I let out moans while tightening around the fingers.

[There does not seem to be a membrane, so as I thought……she is not a virgin. She already is completely accustomed to men, it seems.]

[Ah, it’s okay. It is a private matter after all, so we will not ask any further about this.]

She is not a virgin.

Seeing my body stiffen as I was told that, the red-haired man tenderly said, “But” as he continued on.

[Alice-san is a noble, right? As expected, having premarital relations is bad.]

[……indeed. The fact that you are no longer a virgin will remain in the records.]

“No way……!”

[Of course, it will not be shown to any outsiders, but majority of government officials are nobles, so……]

In other words, the fact that love juices were harvested from me, and that I was no longer a virgin, would be known by a portion of nobles. Being told that, I felt my blood go cold.

It will cause trouble for my family.

I don’t mind if I can’t marry another noble, but that wasn’t the only problem.

[If you would be willing to cooperate with our work, then……]

The black-haired man whispered sweet words into my ears as I went pale.

[The name of the love juice donor will remain anonymous to the majority. We were unable to find it out…….we could report that.]

I looked at the black-haired man. Somehow, the smile that hung across his face appeared like that of the devil’s……

I reflexively attempted to spout words of refusal. However, the red-haired man’s hand blocked my mouth and didn’t allow for that.

[It’s alright, we’ll just have you work a little bit more like this. Say, it’s not a bad offer, right?]

The fingers that covered my lips began to penetrate into my mouth. As they rubbed against my mucous membranes and traced along the backside of my teeth, I was no longer able to give any response.

[We just want to confirm the operations of a magic tool. If you cooperate with us, it’ll end quickly.]

The black-haired man’s fingers once again touched my hidden place. Using the lubrication from my love juices, he rubbed my chasm with the palm of his hand, fiddled with my flower bud, and then placed one, then two fingers into me.

Unlike before, he made precise movements that drew out my senses. When his third finger entered me, I had a small climax.

The fingers in my mouth were pulled out, but I had no more desire to voice words of refusal.

[Like that, please relax.]

Saying that, the red-haired man grabbed my arms and held them in place so that I wouldn’t move, while the black-haired man fixed a suspicious black object against my hidden place.

It had a thick, grotesque shape that imitated the male genitalia, with a small protuberance stuck to the top part of it. The tip of it squelched as it pushed against my entrance and began to push into it. As my body was well-prepared, I did not feel any pain, but the feeling of oppression from its size caused my body to tense involuntarily. When I did that, the red-haired man placed his fingertips on my sensitive nipples and pinched them, and at that moment, that large member was buried into me in one breath.


That impact took my breath away.

My eyesight flickered.

Without a moment to spare, the black-haired man mercilessly began to pull it in and out, and the protuberance stuck on the top part of it stimulated my flower bud as my insides got wet, making the movements relatively smooth.

“Hih, ah, aAaah…ah-”

[To be able to adapt to this size so quickly, Alice-san really is quite, well……lascivious, aren’t you?]

As the wet sounds reverberated in the room, love juices scattered onto the floor.

The pleasure from having my insides rubbed rose steadily, and without noticing the men gazing at me with eyes blurred with lust, I simply continued to raise my voice in pleasure.

[Now then, it’s time for the main event.]


At that moment.

The protuberance that had been hitting my flower bud began to vibrate.

Not only that, but the body of the device that was buried inside me began to twist and roll like a living being.

On top of that, the thrusting became even more intense, and every imaginable place inside me was rubbed, and then jabbed. When I rocked the chair, unconsciously tried to run away from that strong pleasure, it was stabbed even deeper into my lower entrance.

“Hiih, ahh, I’m already-”

[How do you want us to make you cum?]

“Pi-…pierce me…deeply…ahh…aAahh…….!”

[You’ve become quite honest compared to earlier. Now then, as you wish, I’ll let you cum from deep within!]

Like he said, the black-haired man first pulled it all the way out to the entrance, and then thrust it deeply in one go.

“So good, ah, uwahh…., ahh, AHHHHHH!!”



Surprised at my own voice, I opened my eyes and found Harold’s face right in front of my eyes.

“It seems……you were having quite a good dream, Alice.”

“A dream……?”

We were in the middle of the forest, with a dim sunlight beginning to pierce through the trees.

I slowly comprehended my current state.

“Despite doing it that much, you’re still getting wet from your dreams, so was it not enough for you?”


“Even though I went through all that trouble to wipe you clean, to think you’d still want more…”


Harold asked, “What kind of dream was it?”, but naturally, there was no way I could answer.

Even though he had already pulled it out once, he once again buried his member inside of me.

Until the sun had climbed high up into the sky, I was once again made to shake on top of Harold.

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